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Great Again Donald

TRUMP EDITION Car Rear Emblem - Alloy Tail Box Logo

TRUMP EDITION Car Rear Emblem - Alloy Tail Box Logo

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Placement: Universal for Car Rear or Tail Box

Material: High-Quality Alloy

Item Category: Vehicle Emblem


Enhance your vehicle with the exclusive "TRUMP EDITION" Car Rear Emblem. Crafted from durable alloy, this tail box logo adds a unique touch of prestige and support. Perfect for any supporter looking to display their pride on the road.


  • Easy to apply to any car rear or tail box
  • Designed to withstand various weather conditions
  • Provides a distinctive and personalized look to your vehicle


  • Comes with adhesive backing for secure and straightforward application

Care Instructions:

  • Simple to clean and maintain for long-lasting brilliance


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